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About White Feather

I follow rainbows. I am surrendering to the flow of the universe through me. It feels great. I eagerly walk into the new paradigm, figuring it out as I go. There is so much to be optimistic about! And the beauty! Oh, the beauty is overwhelming.

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My Books

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The Reincarnation of Edgar CayceThe Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, By White Feather. (White Feather's newest book!) Country Western singer/songwriter Sarah Benson had a recurring dream twenty-two times. The identical dreams inspired her to set out on an adventure that would change her life forever. In the process she meets a man whom she becomes convinced is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. This novel will keep you at the edge of your seat, surprise you, make you laugh and make you cry.

Trade Paperback Edition (15.99USD)

Amazon Kindle Edition (7.99USD)

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When Mountains Sing, by White Feather. We are formless energy and consciousness moving through and manifesting in the world of form. White Feather elaborates on what happens as we move from Source energy into form and then develop identities tied to that form. The separation between our true divine identity and the egoic form identity is the chasm we are trying to bridge in our journey of self-awareness. We build that bridge by embracing unconditional love and the NOW. To begin that bridge building there are choices that must first be made and White Feather illuminates those choices and the ensuing path of loving our selves into existence.Paperback/ebook Editions(Paperback 10.95) Amazon Kindle Edition (Only $3.99)

image Alimaka Stories, by White Feather. Alimaka worked at the Akashic Hall of Records and could tap into the life-changing moments of people's lives. He wove stories that illustrated the complexities of the human condition and the transitions that resulted. He showed the beauty of the never ending cycles that move us back and forth between spirit and the physical. Most importantly, the stories reveal the intensity of the human spirit in its drive to understand life and to live it fully. Joy, epiphany, beauty, and tragedy combine to show the uniqueness of each human and how that human reacts to life. In the garden outside the Akashic Temple Alimaka explains the fountain of youth and the paths we choose in finding our joy. Through these stories we can walk in the shoes of a wide spectrum of personalities, any of which could be other faces of ourselves.
Also available in: Alimaka Stories - Amazon Kindle Edition

image The Whooping Crane Saga and Other Stories, by White Feather. Through his visionary short fiction, White Feather takes the reader across time and space, opening up new perspectives and revealing unseen connections. From ancient Atlantis to Japan to Persia to the windswept American prairie to the bustling of modern cities, these nine stories show the human quest for enlightenment and happiness enduring through many diverse situations. With insight and humor, White Feather's storytelling takes us into the human heart. Included are some of White Feather's most popular stories, including The Whooping Crane Saga, Valley of Visions, Saving the Planet, Hanging Laundry, The Purple Planet, and more.
Also available in: The Whooping Crane Saga - Amazon Kindle Edition

image Mumbo Jumbo, by White Feather. This collection of 31 ramblings by White Feather brings together several of his ideas and perceptions on life. The idea that reality is created through perception is delved into as is using wonderment as a tool. Energy sources, resistance, thoughts, feelings, movement, happiness, art, and pushing the envelope are talked about, with intensive rambling about the process of individuation and the creation of a Self. The differences between Sources and Creators are delineated as are the differences between our head noggins and our belly noggins. And that doesn't make sense until you read White Feather's explanation of the all-important donut in our belly. With wit and wisdom, White Feather pushes the envelope of our perceptions.

Also available in: Mumbo Jumbo - Amazon Kindle Edition

image Rejuvenation, by White Feather. This is the story of Atu, an ancient civilization pioneer who fled Atlantis before its destruction. Entrusted with sacred knowledge that had been encoded in a set of tablets, Atu buries the tablets and begins a twelve and a half thousand year journey into the future looking for his future self that would be alive during a time when the tablets would be discovered. Atu must connect with this future self and guide him into remembering the tablets and how to decode them. In his search for this future life, Atu finds himself connecting with several of his other future selves and he begins to see karmic threads develop. Only by going through all those other lives can Atu understand that future life he was trying to reach. From the land of the Maya to Ancient Egypt to Ancient Persia to Europe during the plagues to Greece and Troy to the American South to the windswept plains of the Lakota, Atu journeys across history in search of himself. New re-edited pocket paperback edition.

Also available in: Rejuvenation - Amazon Kindle Edition

imageWithout Birdsong the Universe Would Collapse, by White Feather. The huge shift in consciousness that humankind is going through can be seen as a series of smaller shifts. In Without Birdsong the Universe Would Collapse, White Feather takes us through one particular shift, revealing the anatomy of that shift and showing how to go with the flow of that shift. From one September to the next September, White Feather chronicles a year-long consciousness shift. Find out what it is like to fly off a motorcycle ramp, how it feels to fly through the air, and how to navigate a smooth landing. Learn of the magic of crescendoes. Both diary and diatribe, his words take us on an exciting ride of perceptions.

Also available in Without Birdsong the Universe Would Collapse - Amazon Kindle Edition

image The Valley of the Singing Girl, A novel by White Feather. Once, long ago, the ruler of a mountainous Asian nation sought counsel from a Tibetan holy man on how he could help lead his people through change. The holy man gave the leader a magic flute that would drastically change his life. This is the story of that flute which led the leader on a journey of self-realization. The flute would eventually lead him to a young farm girl who had the most divine singing voice in the world. When she sang, people wept at the beauty of it and people were also healed. What happened when the flute, the leader, and the singing girl got together is an event of divine proportions. A very moving story. This new edition also features a sneak preview excerpt from White Feather's forthcoming book, Finding Edgar Cayce; the long awaited second book in the Rejuvenation Series.

Also available in: The Valley of the Singing Girl - Amazon Kindle Edition

image Double Rainbows, Short Stories by White Feather. Double Rainbows is a collection of autobiographical short stories that reflect on the joys and tribulations of childhood, seen both from the viewpoint of being a child and fathering a child. White Feather reveals his early leanings towards spirituality as well as music. He fondly remembers his fathers Zen-like influence and he relates his mothers atheism and its affect on him. He tells stories of his first encounter with information about Edgar Cayce as well as his first encounter with the Beatles. Synchronicities with John Lennon weave through two stories. From childhood to young adulthood, the stories move on to fatherhood and a coinciding spiritual awakening involving sweat-lodge ceremonies and the Harmonic Convergence. Psychic prophecy also weaves through some of the stories. Through it all White Feather reveals one of his greatest teachers.
Also available in: Double Rainbows - Amazon Kindle Edition

imageAwakening to a Different World, by White Feather. These 27 ramblings are a collection of White Feathers earliest metaphysical writing. They build a foundation of concepts that White Feather continues to expand upon in subsequent books. One of the primary concepts is that we already live in a different worldheaven, if you willbut we have yet to awaken to that realization. Through the changing of our perception and the embracement of joy and beauty we can start living that realization. White Feather uncovers the veils blocking our perception and shows us an awakening to a different world. (Original edition published in 2001 under the title, White Feather Speaks.) Cover photography by Trendle Ellwood.

Also available in: Awakening to a Different World - Amazon Kindle Edition

imageLiving in Joy, by White Feather. Living in joy is the natural human condition but it was long ago replaced by a different, more stressful, way of living. As humankind goes through a radical and massive shift in consciousness that original way of living is being remembered. Through his philosophical rambling and his heart warming storytelling, White Feather sheds light on that old way of living in joy, gently coaxing it out of the recesses of our soul memory. Through eloquence and humor, White Feather tweaks our perspectives in such a way as to make this shift in consciousness easier to see and understand and embrace. This is a collection of some of White Feather's most moving writings.

Bookstore Stories, by White Feather. White Feather always wanted to be a writer. As a young man he figured that one of the best jobs he could get was one working in a bookstore. He would be surrounded by books every day, he could read voraciously, and he could learn a lot about books and the book business. Working in a bookstore, he was like a kid in a candy store. Over the course of three decades, he worked in several bookstores and even owned and managed his own bookstore for nine years. White Feather has many stories from all these years spent in bookstores and these nine stories are a selection of his favorites. Spirituality, reincarnation, synchronicity, and love weave through these stories as events are related that are often far more bizarre than one would normally attribute to life in a bookstore.

Amazon Kindle Edition (Only $2.99)